Hi, I’m Joshua Holla.

This blog is where you can find some of my thoughts and writing on topics that range from computer science to anything else that is useful or makes me feel good (like music theory).

You might know me from the time I used to work on startups or play guitar with my band, but in recent years I have spent more time developing a useful talent stack to contribute to Artificial Intelligence research and development:
I am currently Mastering Computer Science at MILA under the excellent supervision of Professor David Meger and Professor Doina Precup. Besides work, I’ve enjoyed learning about neuro-associative conditioning and am discovering new frames for viewing and composing music after almost 7 years away from an instrument.

I have learned that a healthy body goes a long way toward maintaining a healthy mind. Therefore, I’ve spent some time educating myself on physical performance and maintenance - I can wax poetic on topics ranging from ketosis to GLUT4 activation and can even demonstrate proper russian hardstyle kettlebell swing form or my favorite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submissions (triangles can be so much more efficient!).

This is what I looked like during the 2020 pandemic:

I’m currently looking for great teams to work with.
I find \(\textbf{Deep Reinforcement Learning}\) research interesting both from an engineering and scientific filter.

If you’d like to work with me, OR if you just thought of someone I absolutely should meet, I recommend saying “Hello!”.

You can reach out via email- joshua.holla[at]mail.mcgill.ca or twitter @HollaAtJosh.

Go ahead and download my resume here.

Since you’re already here and I’m sure you’re at least a little bit curious, check out my /now page to find out what I’ve been up to lately.


If you already knew about the glider in the favicon, you just earned yourself +10 life-points! (I really like the Hacker Attitude)