What I’m doing now:

You’re probably asking yourself what this is all about.

This is my /now page: A page that tells you what I’m focused on at this point of time in my life.

These days I am socially distancing in Montreal, while writing my thesis at MILA and McGill. I’m studying the sim2real problem in an off policy reinforcement learning setting, and am having success attacking the problem with classifiers.

I sometimes spend time designing games and playing them with RL agents. The goal is to search for correlations between brain signals and reinforcement learning. We’re moving these agents to the browser for you and I to play them as well. (Coming Soon!)
This is work done in collaboration with some cool people from the MNI and Google Brain.

I’m making a habit out of swinging a 24kg kettlebell and am overcoming gravity with a fabulous pair of gymnastic rings. If the words “Simple & Sinister” mean anything to you, I’m working towards the Simple standard. Turkish Get Ups have been the most instructive.
I’m fasting for 20h a day for all of March. My experiments with OMAD last year were fun!

TOOL has been on repeat a lot lately. I find that the songs take on different meanings as I grow as a person. Neat.
Meditation is also back on the menu. It truly is the weight room for my mind.

I also appreciate boardgames now more than ever. I’ve been playing a lot of Avalon, and Among Us virtually with my friends.

Say “Hi” on twitter @HollaAtJosh if you’ve made it this far!

Updated on Feb 28th, 2021, from Montreal, Canada.